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  1. Spinning this evening, anything to help me lose weight again

    by , October 28th, 2012 at 08:20 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    I added spinning this evening to get moving some. For some reason just swimming 6 days a week is not making a difference any more.

    Tonight I went 20 minutes on the spin bike at ~16mph for a total of 5.36 miles. For a first time in months this was a good start.

    Tomorrow will be sprint swim in the morning and my weightlifting leg circuit tomorrow evening.

    Over the past week I have managed to lose 8 pounds so far this past week. Yes I got too big again, any time I hop over 200 is not good. Thank goodness I am not there now.
  2. Sprint Classic Report, Oct. 29

    by , October 28th, 2012 at 06:36 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Fantastic time had as per usual at this fun meet. I had a first half bad/second half very good meet.

    50 free split in 100 free, epic fail

    The starter held us forever ... Had a poor breakout but then motored along ... until .. I only got half of one foot on the wall and lost all momentum. I just cruised the rest of the length and hopped out. I was disappointed as I wanted to crank a fast 50, but I've never been a huge fan of bulkhead turns (though I've never screwed up this badly). I also think the 50 free is not a great first event. I seem to swim it better after I've gotten the cobwebs out. Live and learn, and crap happens. No big deal.

    50 breast split in 100, 33.6

    Meh. I got off the blocks very fast, but didn't have my best underwater and had to float to the surface. Then I was so preoccupied with the next pullout that I forgot to keep my head down. So the second 25 was icky. I know I can go faster.

    Teen Fort was in the same heat. She insisted on taking her 100 out in 32.9 to make sure I did not think I was an evil stroker. She will likely make TT in that event based on last years rankings.

    100 IM, NS

    I decided to pause and regroup and refuel at this point. It also seemed more fun to swim the 50 back later next to my speedy friend Susan. Masters perogative. There was a break around this point and I hopped in and did a couple backstroke starts as I hadn't done any in warm up. Jazz Hands, who hasn't swum at all lately, hopped in and did an AFAP 50 from a push in a brief. Teen Fort got him at 23.3. His low volume approach seems to work for him!

    Also video'd Teen Fort winning the 50 breast, where she declared she had a "sexy start." I think many PV folk were entertained having a very extroverted 18 year old on deck.

    50 back, 27.8

    I was hoping, ideally, to crank a high 27 and so was very happy with the time. Last year at the Sprint Classic, I went a 28.2. I took 15 & 16 kicks by 25 pursuant to the race plan. I was told I was right at 15m on the start and a foot short on the second 25. Teen Fort video'd this race for me. I heard her scream "Go Mom" before the start, which really made me smile.

    Here's the vid:!

    I could have taken one more SDK on the second 25!

    Battle of the Drop Dead Sprinters, 1st, cumulative time of 52.21

    Getting a bit tired by this point. So I was really shocked that I pulled off my four fastest 25s EVER during 8 years of competing in this event including with tech suits. I needed to go faster this year too bc there were some fast times thrown down by the other female sprinter beasts. I felt like I had great blasto fast off the blocks starts with good distance. My plyometric focus seems to have transformed my forward starts in the last year or so. They were such a glaring weakness for a few years.

    25 fly, 1st

    Last year 13.30. This year 12.30. WTH?! I must have messed up last year? I had a great start here, but a subpar breakout. Still, seems very quick.

    25 back, 1st

    Last year, 13.45. This year, 13.06. I totally flat backed the start. But still got away quickly and took my usual 15 kicks and stuck the finish.

    25 breast, 2nd behind Teen Fort of course

    Last year, 15.79. This year, 15.24. I had maybe my best start of the meet in this race. Teen Fort had to come from behind to preserve her family evil stroke domination. My stroke felt much better than in the previous 50. I will have to chant head down before future breaststroke races.

    25 free, 1st:

    Last year, 12.25. This year, 11.61. Another great start, a little glidey at the finish. I think this bodes well for a fast 50 free in the future. Well, assuming I can execute a flip turn.


    So all in all a pretty good meet despite some early technical difficulties. I'm pleased to have this much speed early in the season.

    More fun and beers had at Speedo's after party. I think my shoulders will feel mashed up later from all the starts. I may beg Mr. Fort for a back rub.

    Storm coming. 70 MPH winds expected. I really really hope we don't lose power, but it seems likely. School is already cancelled Monday and Tuesday much to the delight of my kids.

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  3. What I did during my blogging vacation (so far)

    Here in the city, waiting for the storm to arrive—seemed like the perfect time to catch up on my blog. So, here’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks:

    · Took some time off from the pool after the end of my open-water swim season

    · Traveled to a couple of wonderful family celebrations—my mom’s 80th birthday in Alabama, and my husband’s cousin’s wedding in Philly. Decided that all my family should move from Alabama to Philly, as that travel was soooooooo much easier.

    · Resumed diving practices upon the reopening of the Flushing Meadows pool, and discussed with Coach Croft what I would need to do to compete in diving at the Seattle IGLA meet next August

    · Worked on some technique issues that need fixing on my freestyle—left-side breathing is getting better and feeling more natural

    · Committed myself to attending a swim meet on November 18—events still to be determined, but leaning towards 4IM and some 200s stroke in a last-ditch attempt to make TT in something this year

    · Spent a wonderful afternoon/evening exploring the wonders at Chelsea Piers with three friends, courtesy of the guest passes supplied by rxleakem—thanks Mike! This visit included a Friday night session with the Chelsea Piers masters team, a wonderfully friendly group of folks. I also came to the realization that it’s a very good thing I don’t normally work out at a pool with an adjacent hot tub—if I ask myself before every set whether I want to keep swimming or go lounge, the latter eventually wins.

    · Swam my first super-loop of the season—just yesterday. Grimaldo’s chair to the east end of Manhattan Beach to the Coney Island pier then back, 5 miles in 59-degrees. It was completely wonderful, and made me hope it’s not the last super-loop of the season—we’ll see what this storm has done to the water temps and condition by next weekend . . .

    · Celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday with 40 x 50 this morning at Riverbank: multiples of 3 = BR, multiples of 4 = BK, multiples of 7 = FL, earlier in IM trumps later in IM, plus all prime numbers = kick. (Yes, it was a little complicated.)

    That’s it!

    Here’s hoping Sandy doesn’t wreak too much havoc . . . hope all my fellow east coasters stay safe and that the power stays on for the next few days. Fingers crossed here in the city!

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  4. This week's main set updates

    by , October 28th, 2012 at 10:35 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Busy all week with work and other non-blogging stuff, heh heh. Here's a brief update on what I did:

    When in doubt, it was probably easy swim, drill, or hanging on the wall telling the coach I was doing easy swim or drills instead of the main set.

    SCM Main sets:
    2 "fast" days Tue & Fri:

    4 times through:
    150 IM FAST 2:30 fly/back/br
    100 easy swim 2:00

    so essentially you are doing a fast 150 IM every 4:30

    2:11 2:11 2:10 2:10

    wow did these hurt like I haven't hurt in years. It's a big difference from 100 IMs or 75ims!!! the rest was short for all outtedness. i would rather have done 2 x 100 easy on 2:00 and gone fast every 6:30.

    12 x 25's on :35 various
    easy stuff
    6 x 50 2 fast, 1 easy
    I did them as fly/back and br/free
    34/38 and 35/27 or 1:12 combined

    1 x 75 all out
    I did 75 IM fly/back/br :56

    This was better. Lots of bursty sprints in there.

    The End
    I have decided that an hour of P90X is just too long if I am also swimming and trying to have good speed days. Plyo X and a few others are very good to do exactly 1/2, since there are 2 rounds. Plus, I am done in about 45 minutes, with an 8 min warmup, about 20 min of meat workout, and then cooldown/misc stretches.

    Next up:
    I still haven't decided on events for our local SCM meet. I do feel compelled to swim the 100 IM after so much IM'ing this fall. I may do the 200 back and 100 IM. The meet starts really early and I don't like to be swimming my first event at 8:15am. Yuck!