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  1. 2|4|18 brief SCM & drylands

    by , February 4th, 2018 at 09:32 PM (Blog)

    3 x through:

    50fr ez on 1:00
    50fr fast on 1:00
    50fr fast on 0:50
    50fr ez on 0:50
    50fr ez on 1:20
    used snorkel throughout

    7 sets of farmersí carry up flt of stairs
    • skip every other step on way up / used every step down
    • used 40ís

    3 sets 10 ea of pullups and dips superset
    3 sets 10 of ext arm plank position straight leg knee to elbows
    • knee did not quie make it to the elbow (back still sore)