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Adventures in Swimming


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Swam with Sharks (SCY)
Coach Renee

10 min swim, Which I missed because of administration duties.
I had to swim with fast lane again.

1st Set
500 Neg Split
5x100 Pace
400 Neg Split
300 Neg Split
200 Neg Split
100 EZ
100 What Ever you have Left

2nd Set
25 Fast Stroke :05 r
25 Kick Mod :05 r
25 Kick Hard :05 r
25 Fast Free :30 r
repeat 5x

3rd Set
8 x 75
Odd's 3 Stroke/9 Kick Drill
Even's Swim :10 r

100 Race your lane

100 Warm Down

I got in water at 5x100
I only got lapped on the 400
I held
1:15 for the 4x100 on 1:25
1:10 for the 3x100 on 1:25
1:10 for the 2x100 on 1:25
1:06 or 7 for the fast one
1:05 or 6 on the final RACE one

I would like to get the fast ones to 1:03
So that's my goal for this summer.
I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer.
We are having 5 morning workouts a week and I have to
coach them all unless we find a coach to help out.
Until we find a coach I'll be working out by myself whenever I can get to the pool.

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