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Mixing it up this year

A kids meet and some fun

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by , June 5th, 2010 at 06:51 PM (951 Views)
My 800 Free was only 2 seconds slower than last year so I think that is good. I did notice on the back half my left arm I did not have the strength to complete my pull on that arm. Something to work on between now and Nationals.

The girls on my team did great. For Maddie it was her first ever long course meet. For McKaylin she went from being in the middle of the pack to taking 2 2nds in 400 Free and 100 Back, 1 3rd in 800 Free and 8th in the 100 Fly. She made her 400 and 800 Free state cuts and is 1 seoncd off on the 100 Back.

Maddie was just learning how to pace in a long course pool. She did better on the 400 than the 800. Both swims were good for a first time both at that distance and in the long pool.

Total 2300 meters and 500 yards

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