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Tornado Day

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Well, we had day 2 of hte meet today and the morning session went off without much of a hitch I swam a :30.x in the 50 FR in a jammer and a 37.x in the 50 BR with my flag brief. I'm pretty happy to pop those times. Both faster and according to the converter I on my Nationals I am happy.
The 50 BR was comical, I was the only over "Boy 13 and over" to swim I won! LMAO

I got a comment form one of the kid's as I walked past he said "That was sick!" I just said thanks...I thought agreeing with him would look bad...hehe. I was left amped by the swim though.

I have more meets this summer as I've joined USA and paid dues to the team, so I am hoping the extra practice at racing LC will show up for Zones. I'm thinking that maybe I should stump up for a nice racing brief, an aquablade at least. Unless Roque is reading this and wants to mail me a Q...LOL.

Tornado watch all afternoon delay the meet for about 45 minutes due to a thunderstorm but besides that things were fine. Then we got home at 8pm and found we had no power!!

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  1. 's Avatar
    I picked up this suit for $49. FS Pro Jammer

    And the extra long course racing, I think it absolutely helps.