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Adventures in Swimming

Good start to the Week

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Coached the Sharks today
It was a modified version of Coachkopie's workouts.

300 Swim
300 25 Free / 25 Brst

3 x 100 Hold Even Pace for all 3 :15 r
Masters 30 seconds between repeats
Repeat 3x Increase speed each set
go for it on last one on set 3

4x150 Pull Build by 50, BC if you want

3 x 50 Swim Smooth, Choice, Kick HARD
:15 r
repeat 6x take extra :15 between repeats.
200 or so warm down....

I swam this work out after work, outside for the
1st time this year. I like swimming outside.

I liked the 3x100 set. I did them on 1:30
I amaze myself sometimes how I can hit a target time. I thought I'd like to hit 1:20 on the 1st set, Looked at my watch when I finished and I had hit stop at 1:20.01 Close enough:-)
My watch counts strokes for me and I did
52 strokes on the 1st set, 52,54,54 on set 2 and 54,54,58 on the last set. Good thing my watch has memory. I'd never remember all of that.

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    My watch counts strokes for me
  2. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by qbrain
    It's a 8 year old Speedo Competition
    It works 90% of the time.
    When I'm sprinting it won't count strokes correctly.
    I think it's due to the fact it uses sensors to tell
    when it's been out of the water to count a stroke.