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Adventures in Swimming

Saturday Morning Fun

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Coached the Sharks today.
Outside SCY
Modified version of one of Onlyfree's workouts.

Warm Up
200 Swim
200 Kick/Swim by 25 (no board please)
200 Choice

Set 1
3 x 100 50 Drill/25 Kick/25 Swim :10 r
4 x 50 Find your pace for the next set :15 r

Set 2 (it's a long one)
800 Swim Every 4th open turns to get your split, start on something even so you can track splits,
think about when you should be finishing when you push off to start the next 100
Should be less than 5 seconds break, Try to hold same pace for all 8 100's
600 Swim Same as 800 but descend by 100's
400 Swim Every 4th length Stroke
200 Swim Build by 50's from mod to hard
Take a Masters Minute between every swim, a little extra before the 200 is ok.

Set 3
6 x 50 Kick :15r
5 x 50 Drill / Swim by 25 :15 r
4 x 50 Kick :10r
3 x 50 Drill Swim :10r
2 x 50 Sprint :30 r
1 x 50 EZ

Warm Down

We found a Coach!!!!
I can swim with the team more

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  1. evmo's Avatar
    I was supposed to build that 200? Whoops...
  2. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by evmo
    I was supposed to build that 200? Whoops...
    You swam a 1:56.5
    I believe your splits were

    That is acceptable :-)

    Especially seeing how you swam 3000 yds
    open water before you came to practice.

    Excellent Swim!!!!
    This morning David said "I swam a 2:09 and still got beat by a lap"