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I can't have this "no practice" thing again.

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So I haven't been allowed to swim since last Tuesday. Last Wednesday I had two warts sliced off (what an experience!) and was told by my coach "You're not swimming" on Thursday, and practice was canceled on Sunday due to issues with scheduling at the high school. That caused my eating schedule to be thrown completely out the window (including my diet plan), my sleeping habits to be totally jacked, and my workouts to be cut off. By today I just feel kind of icky all over.

So I did a lot of things last weekend I'm not proud of:
1) Eating after I'm full
2) Sat and just watched TV (causing more of #1)
3) Didn't drink enough water
4) Barely got in any sort of a workout this weekend.
5) Didn't get enough rest

I did however manage to pull together a few things I am VERY proud of this weekend:
0) I was there a great friend on Friday night and helped her out when she needed a me.
1) I only had a two beers last week.
2) I avoided all of the cookies, cake, cupcakes, and frosting that was more or less shoved in my face all weekend.
3) I managed to get in at least 15 minutes of abs on Sunday, which is better than nothing
4) I actually took some time to PLAY in a pool, (not a lap pool) something I hadn't done in literally years!

So after a nearly sleepless weekend and a lot of bad eating, we're back to the good ol' structure of Monday and getting back on the wagon.

So questions for all of you:
What do you do when you get in that "graze" mode? How do you fight it and get out of it?
How do you maintain a a structure when you don't have a pool?
What's your cheat? When you need to break from the norm and have a really "bad for you" meal, what do you eat?

And completely off topic:
What's your next meet/OW event? Mine's the Park Ridge 1500 on June 26th

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  1. swimmerb212's Avatar
    I won't have a pool come July 23, I'm going to see if I can be as dedicated to the gym instead. Yikes, I don't know how.

    As for food, I just started something this month that's working really well. I wrote out 10 post-its with my favorite cheats, "ice cream," "hot dogs," "cupcake," etc., and put them on the calendar, and I get 10 cheats per calendar month. That way, when I'm tempted to have soda, I can refer to the fact that I already did that on the 2nd, and it's seltzer for me. When I think I can't take it anymore and might fold, I chew gum.