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Just Cruisin', Thursday, Jan. 15

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Had an easy day today, so as not to be immediately fatigued for my meet.

Warm up:

700 variety swim, kick, drill

Short Aerobic Set:

5 x 100 backstoke @ 1:45
extra 30 seconds rest or so
5 x 100 backstroke @ 1:35

Fast 50:

Practiced some backstroke starts. Did a couple with the arms going straight back. This definitely makes me go deeper. I know this is usually a good thing, but I'm not so sure it is for me.

1 x 50 backstroke AFAP from a push with fins (26)

150 C/D

Total: 1900


The meet director graciously agreed to change my seed time in the 100 back, so that I could swim both events on Sunday with a reasonable amount of rest. (Where's the sandbag icon?) When I signed up for this event, I had planned on taking the 100 back out fast for a change and seeing what I had left. My last couple SCY 100 backs, I've been out in a mid to high 31. It has been suggested that this can be improved upon. So I'm hoping I don't chicken out on this plan. Haven't swum the event since September.

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Updated January 15th, 2009 at 03:51 PM by The Fortress



  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Fatigued? You better be climbing the walls at the meet this weekend! Good luck!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Ha! I've swum almost 14,000 in the last week. That's quite a bit for me. I also lifted and biked earlier in the week. So I need a couple lazy days. I'm not like you 1650 people!
  3. pwb's Avatar
    Good luck and feel the burn on that 100 backstroke. You gonna be cranking 15 yards underwater SDK off each wall?
  4. qbrain's Avatar
    Good luck in your secret event tomorrow. Do you have a counter?
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    No, Patrick, my SDKs are not what they once were. 15 off the start and then shorter each wall. Lung capacity seems to be diminishing with age. Jim T. commented on FB that it could be the result of all the anaerobic work I've done the last year. Something about the muscle oxygen receptors not getting activated enough. So I leave those 15 meter lengths to Chris!

    In the 200, after the start, I only plan on 2-3 kicks off each wall. Don't want to kill the legs and go into oxygen debt the very first time I swim it.
  6. The Fortress's Avatar

    Ha ........ ha. No counter needed. Remember, it is Hulk, not me, who's doing the 500 for the first time. I tried to talk him out of it, but he seems oddly and inexplicably determined. It is theoretically possible that I could lose count though. Sprinter ADD and all.
  7. poolraat's Avatar
    With Sprinter ADD, you may need a counter. Remember when Rich lost count in his 200 breast? I lose count when doing 200 in workouts sometimes.
  8. The Fortress's Avatar
    I lose count in 200s all the time. I lose count when doing 10 x X sets. It's ridiculous really. I'd feel like a real tard if I did it in a meet though. Oops, sorry Stud!
  9. qbrain's Avatar
    Ok, no counter needed, then it must be a 50

    j/k, a 100 is easy enough to count. It is just one lap after I wanted to get out the first time.
  10. Donna's Avatar
    good luck! Hope you have a great meet.
  11. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Donna. You too!

    Michael, That's pretty much how I feel about 100s as well. I've stated several times on the forums that the perfect distance is a 75.
  12. SwimStud's Avatar
    Hey! There was mitigating circumstances to that miscount. There's not many who'd be able to motor up to a PB after stopping ether!

    Anyway good luck...avoid belly flopping on your dive for a :01 return
  13. pwolf66's Avatar
    I can confirm that the secret event is NOT a 50. Leslie swimming a 50 free (the only 50 available) is not much of a secret.
  14. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Rich! lol. Only practiced a couple starts since Zones. So it'll probably be more of the same. I need my start session with Hulk. He could probably fix it speedy quick.

    Thanks for not blowing my cover, Hulk. Getting a bit nervous about the secret event. But, since it's secret, I don't have to own up to it if I bonk big time.
  15. quicksilver's Avatar
    Good luck Madame Butterfly.
    ...or is it Madame 200 back?

  16. The Fortress's Avatar
    I owned up to being Madame 200 Back today. I haven't decided to scratch, so that's a good sign! Thanks Quick.