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LCM Here I come!

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So I'm going to be swimming in the Park Ridge 1500 on June 26th. It will be my first time ever doing a solid mile. Ever.
The very next day, I'm going to swimming in the 50 back/50 free/100 free up in Appleton for the Badger State Games.
Now - I'm not exactly nervous. I've swam 2-3 miles in a single practice before. That's really no big deal.... This time its different though. This time they're in an LCM pool (and I'm used to the SCM pool I practice in right now) and this time they're in front of people who aren't just swimming next to me.
Now for those of you who've never read this, or really don't know me here's the twenty second background: I have recently discovered "athleticism" in the past 2 years. Before that I was in a lot of activities, but never very athletic or competitive. So this new drive to be good, if not great at something and to not lose, and to push myself to my furthest horizons is very fresh and very powerful in my heart right now.

So right now I'm going to put out my goals for this meet and talk about how I plan to achieve them.

My goals for the 1500:
1) Maintain a consistent pace with no more than a 3-4 second deviation between any two laps.
2) Keep my *average* split time under 1:50.
3) Finish the race strong, even with nothing left in my body.
4) Dolphin kick off the wall at least 80% of the time.

My goals for the Badger State Games Meet:
1) Under 35 in the 50 Free (its LCM, a whole new beast for me)
2) Under 1:30 for the 100 Free
3) Under 45 for the 50 Back
4) Dolphin kick off the wall for my ONE turn.
5) Dolphin kick after my glad for the back.
6) Don't screw up my Back start.

So in the 1500:
I'm going to keep my eye on the clock if possible. I swim about a 2 minute 100 (SCM) in practice when I'm totally fatigued. I've never swam a straight 1500 before. I don't think I've ever done more than 600 straight. In any case, I think coming in really fresh should give me the ability to do at least the first 20 laps around or under 1:50. I'm also going to finish the last lap or two all out. There's no excuse to have anything left in the tank after that.
Nutritionally - I'm going to make sure I have enough long burning carbs in the body. This is probably going to be (minimum) a 25 minute swim for me. So some complex carbs (shredded wheat) with my usual protein in the morning!

In the BSG Meet:
I'm going to push myself pretty much to absolute limit on each race. I want to make sure that I give 100% in all 3 races. By this time, since its the day after the 1500, I should be pretty used to the idea of an LCM pool. I'm planning on showing up an hour early for warm ups and make sure I get *at least* 4-5 laps (preferably about 10) in so I can get a feel for the pool. I have 1 turn in this meet, I do NOT want to screw it up.
Nutritionally - Since the meet doesn't start until about 1 PM, I'm going to eat a very solid breakfast (I do every day, but I'm going to make sure I have it properly balanced to give my body what it needs). Then I will be snacking on some faster acting carbs with protein right before my first event and between each of my events.

For Both Meets:
I'm going to step it up another day and get a 4th practice in per week at another pool as a guest. It will actually be the same pool as the Park Ridge 1500, so I will be getting familiarity with the pool as well as giving myself another opportunity to swim. Besides, mixing up the LCM and the SCM might do me some good!

So even if I don't win (which - logically speaking I probably won't win anything). I will at the very least have beaten my goals. Which is what this counts for! Some day I may be competitive with the rest of the world, but for now, I'm just going to have to keep racing myself.

That being said - does anyone have any suggestions for where I could improve further upon my goals? Any ideas for things that will give a novice swimmer a last minute boost?


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  1. swimmerb212's Avatar
    Just keep going. I had never done more than 1000 before this year's postal swim, and I ticked off almost 4000 yards that day, very consistently paced. I'm doing my first 1500 at the Middlebury meet in two weeks, and "just keep going" is my plan there, too. Maybe I should get some better advice?
  2. knelson's Avatar
    For your 1500 start out at a pace that feels too slow. You'll have the natural tendency to start out fast, even if it feels like you're going slow. Hold this pace for the first half of the race and then decide if you can pick up the pace. If so, build gradually. If you start feeling really fatigued you can always back off again.
  3. bzaks1424's Avatar
    knelson - I totally agree with you. I swam last night for the first time in an LCM... Ho Ly Cow. That was rough. It was like the never ending pool!!!