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Adventures in Swimming

Alex's 1st Day Back

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Swam with Sharks SCY
Coach Alex

10 Min Warmup

8 x 75 K/Dr/Swim by 25 :10r

8 x 50 25 ez / 25 Hard
25 Hard / 25 Ez
50 Build
50 Hard
All on :50

100 Swim
75 Swim
50 Swim
25 Swim
50 EZ
Descend each swim so last 25 is Hard
Interval is LIFO (Last in, 1st out)
Repeat 3x #1 Fly, #2 Back, # 3 Breast

4 x 25 #1 3 Breaths, #2 2, #3 1, #4 0
Repeat 3x
All on :30 except we took an extra 5 before the 0

200 Warm down

I swam back on the fly round.
I could have swam round #2 harder but I was going 2nd, I was catching greg off the 1st wall when I dolphin kicked.
Oh well next time I go 1st. Then I had to go 1st on breast, my worst stroke. But I gave it a
solid effort and I actually gained more than 5 secs on the 100. Crazy!! I guess I'll just have to try harder more often.
Swimming is such a MENTAL sport.
Going 1st just makes you try harder.
I think it's good to switch who goes 1st sometimes.
Some days feel great.
Some days I feel my age :-)

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