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Weekend workouts

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I swam the Saturday morning LCM workout with AGUA. Here’s what we did:

400 lcm warmup

5 x 100 FR @ 2:00ish: odds 50 DR / 50 ST, evens 100 mindful swimming

10 x 50 @ 1:10: odds DPS, evens build [I did these IM order by 2s, with extra FL at the end. Stroke count was 13, 37, 16, 38, 14 on the odds.]

Chalk talk on FR technique

4 x 600:
#1 = 100 FL/ 200 BK / 100 BR / 200 FR [I did this 300S / 250 K / 50 S]
#2 = all FR [9:27]
#3 = 200 FL / 100 BK / 200 BR / 100 FR [200 S / 50 K / 250 S / 100 K]
#4 = all FR [I actually did 4 x 100 FR / 50 BK, didn’t get time]

100 easy

4 x 50 sprint @ 2:00 [did IM order]

200 warmdown

I’d been wanting to do some longcourse FL to give myself confidence that I could swim a 200 at the Middlebury meet, so today was perfect for that—I got to practice lots of easy relaxed fly, which is what I’ll need. I was also happy with the pace on my 600 FR [a little under 1:35 pace]. If I can swim my 800 at that pace at the meet I’ll be happy.

It was a nice relaxed workout with good, mellow lanemates, and I really enjoyed it. I like sets where the swimming itself rather than simply making the intervals is the focus—today we either had very generous intervals, or simply regrouped after each swim and went at :30 or so rest. I also learned this morning that all the morning AGUA workouts from here on out will be LCM—hooray! That’s worth waking up early and getting myself across town for.

On Sunday morning I went up to Riverbank for a short swim—just 1200 warmup, focusing on my FR technique, and a bit of kicking—then had a nice stretch out back overlooking the Hudson. It was gloriously uncrowded up there—I shared a LCM lane with just 2 other swimmers—but the pool was full of hair. Yuck! It’s tempting to bring a butterfly net to clean out my lane the next time I go up there.

Sunday afternoon I did a rowing workout with Mr. Addict. I told him I wanted to work on rowing pieces that would be the equivalent of swimming 200 lcm stroke races, plus do a bit of power work at the end. Here’s what he came up with (focus pieces are in red—my goal was to descend the 3 3s and go all out on the :30s, which I did):

7-minute warmup
3-minute easy/rest
2-minute piece [2:19.5 avg pace/500m]
3-minute easy/rest
3-minute piece [2:14.9]
3-minute easy/rest
2-minute piece [2.15.7]
3-minute easy/rest
3-minute piece [2:08.9]
3-minute easy/rest
2-minute piece [2:17.9]
3-minute easy/rest
3-minute piece [2:05.0]
3-minute easy/rest
2-minute piece [2:42.1]
3-minute easy/rest
1-miute piece [2:07.6]
3-minute easy/rest
:30 piece [1:49.4]
3-minute easy/rest
:30 piece [1:49.4]
3-minute warmdown

I was happy with this workout, and realized that I should really be doing more swimming workouts that were structured like this.

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