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The Labours of SwimStud

Double Day 6/24/10

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Had an early swim with masters group today at 5:30.

Warm Up

Pre Main
4 x 200 O: 50 Stroke, 150 FR. E: 150 FR, 50 Stroke.

3 x 500 100 Catch up 1:45, 4 x 50 :50, 200 EZ.
6 x 160 50 Streamline kick on back, 100 FR focus on kick.

300 Cool.

The group was faster and they were going before I could complete my sets so I dropped about 300m. I prefer to do less and go out with the group than fall behind and get in the way. I left my fins on for the 6 x 150 which let me SDK out a good distance, and I diligently worked harder with the fins on. We also only did 4 x 150 but it was still good. Late afternoon I had a 4 mile run, and followed with 30 minutes of core work.

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