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Double FAST Fri Jun 25th 2010

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Double FAST Fri Jun 25th 2010
even though my MY BACK hurt I was careful

weighed 214

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Tyler Coached
noon to 1:15
Austin UT Swim Center
swam with james fike, Brent, & DVD
wore b 70 legs

20 min choice
did 50's on 45 & 50


200 fr fast on 7:00
went 2:10

200 bk fast on 7:00
went 2:23
& lapped a swimmer in my lane doing breastroke, felt like my head hit her butt, near the flags on my final lap, I felt her current as I approached her & thought she might move over or swim faster

10 x 100 fast best ave on 2:30
from a push, did them fr bk
did 67 to 69's couple 70's last was 66

100 easy

back felt better for a while

2010 MEETS:

July 8 - 11, 2010
Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
Austin, TX
8 50 Freestyle,
20 100 Butterfly,
22 50 backstroke,
28 200 Individual Medley
50 breastroke, &
50 butterfly

07/23/10 - 07/25/10
2010 South Central Long Course
Southlake, Texas
Days till LCM ZONES
Entered Zones yesterday & got my hotel

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  1. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Ande, I hope your back feels better. Hopefully you didn't do anything to serious!
    Your training has been intense lately!
  2. ande's Avatar
    thanks, it's feeling better
    we'll see
    hope to put in one more week before I rest