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Saturday, June 26

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Hit the road about 11:30 and did a 16.3 mile bike ride as follows: 6.3 miles easy, 6.3 miles hard, 3.7 miles easy. On the first easy part, averaged 17.1 mph. On hard part, averaged 20.1 mph. Didn't keep track of what I averaged on last easy part, but needless to say, it was very easy.

Immediately after the ride, I did a very easy 1 mile run at a 9 minute per mile pace. It was scorching by this time, so I was moving pretty slow.

Saw a really good website the other day on how to not get hit by cars while on your bike. I really made sure to be mindful of some of the tips today, especially with regards to cars entering the main road from a side street. The tips are great and can be seen at

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