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Adventures in Swimming

Pool-Mate 1st Review

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Swam with the Sharks today LCM

2 More teammates swam the 5k postal today.
Way to go Kris, and Evan
I'm gonna miss you Evan. You are inspirational!!!

I got to try out my new Pool-Mate watch my
wife got me for my birthday.

Watch setup was fairly easy
Enter Pool Length, Weight, Left or Right arm

Hit start as you push off. I would like a 5 second delay
like my old Speedo Competion, But oh well.

I swam a 200, hit start again, It had everything right. Sweet!!
And it started counting how much rest I was taking
while i was trying to figure out how to see what I just did.
All I had to do was push the UP/DOWN buttons
to cycle through everything. Once again Sweet!!

we then swam
10 x 100's on 1:45
This is my 1st long course swim in years.
I sure missed the turn at 13 or 14 strokes.

I managed to swim around 1:30 on all of them
with a 1:25 for the last one.

Now reviewing a set is a whole different ballgame.
I'm what one would consider an advanced geek and this part was a little
daunting. Of course I'll admit I hate reading manuals.

I managed to accidentally erase a log of swims, but not the 10 x 100 set.

So I just decided to record every other swim and check it later.

After figuring out how to recall swims (I should have Read The Manual)
I was amazed at how well this watch actually works. Laps, Stroke counts all right on.

I'll be testing in a SCY pool monday or tues so we will
see how well it works there.

Here is the info it Displays
Time, Laps, Strokes, Distance, Calories Burned, Efficiency, Speed

The efficiency is based on Swimming Golf.
Some sort of formula based on Stroke Count and Time to swim the distance.
The speed was a number like 88, which after (RTM)
I discovered was the number of seconds to average 100 meters since I was in meter mode.

I had a efficiency rating of 31-35
the manual says
less than 30 Excellent-Professional Athlete
30-40 Very Good
40-50 Above Average
50-70 Average

Now I have to try and beat 31!!!!

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  1. evmo's Avatar
    I'm gonna miss you guys too! And I can't think of a better send-off than 11,000 LCM in two days. Keep rockin', Bo!
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Thanks for the review Bo. I want to get a poolmate, but I also what to wait until they have one that is easy to sync to a computer. Sounds pretty useful.
  3. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by qbrain
    that is easy to sync to a computer.
    Computer sync would be awesome.
    If I remember correctly I saw somewhere
    they are working on a bluetooth sync model.

    It is a PITA to go through them on the watch.