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Meet Prep for the IndySwimFit

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I'm currently stuck in training at work. Its about how to run some monitoring application. Honestly - my efforts are better spent in about 50,000 different places, but I'm stuck here for the rest of the week. I'm going to do some prep for this weekends meet.

I will be swimming the following races:
  • 50 Back
  • 100 Back
  • 50 Free
  • 50 Breast
  • 100 free

I also did some reading, and it appears I can sign up for at 1 relay. I know I'm going to be completely cashed by this point, but I'm totally signing up for another relay at this meet. I loved swimming it last weekend. It was fun meeting the new people as I swam it as well!

50 Back
I'd like to go at least a 50 in the 50 back this time. I did a 53 last weekend, and I think this time I'm going to be a little better prepared mentally for the race. I've also increased my backstroke during the week and kick to help push myself down the lane.
100 Back
I'm hoping I survive. No kidding. It's going to be a long race - and I'll swim it as hard as I can, but we'll have to see. I'm also hoping to have a good flip turn followed by a strong dolphin kick. I'm aiming for the flags off the wall!
50 Free
I'm working on my sprints this week. I'm hoping to be able to make it to the 49 meter mark before I'm totally starting to cash out this time! So that means I need to dolphin off the dive and extend my dive for a little longer than I did last weekend. I swam a 33ish in 50 SCY, and a 39 last week. With some improvements in form that I'm working on I think I can speed things up significantly. My goal is going to remain 35 (as last week)
50 Breast
Survive again. It would be nice to finish my 50 Breast in under a minute. Its my weakest stroke mostly because my kick is essentially useless. I'm working on it, I just need time and experience I think. However - specifically - I'm going to make sure that each lunge forward with my arms helps propel my body forward.
100 free
I'd like to see no goggle problems this time, a strong dolphin kick off the wall and pacing it right. Again - with some strong improvements in form that i'm working on - I think I can speed this up significantly by this race. Goal: 1:25

My goal for every race
Push through the O2 deprivation. I'll have at LEAST 2-3 minutes to catch my breath after every race - so O2 debt is not going to be a major concern. I can catch my breath later!

Nutritionally - I'm going to play it a little differently. Last meet I did not come prepared to consume enough fast acting carbs so I felt that my recovery was not nearly as fast as it should have been. So this time - I'm going to prepare again with a healthy balanced breakfast around 6 AM. Warm up around 8 AM, have a banana around 9 AM, and be ready to destroy my old record (hahaha only record) at 9:30-9:45 when the 50 back comes up.

So I'm ready... going to train on my own tonight, practice tomorrow night, and I get on a train at 2:20 Friday to head to Chicago to catch the 5 PM to Indy from Chicago. I might even lift Friday morning before work. We'll see if I can sleep after practice.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Don't go overboard on the underwater for your 50 free. Only really, really good underwater 50s stay under for long in the 50. Most find it faster to pop up quickly.
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Not sure if lifting is such a good idea on Friday morning. Even if you're doing it regularly, most people would suggest taking at least a session or 2 off before a meet.

    Before my last meet, where I didn't really taper, I did light weights (higher reps) the W before, none on F, and swam Sat.
  3. bzaks1424's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by aztimm
    Not sure if lifting is such a good idea on Friday morning. Even if you're doing it regularly, most people would suggest taking at least a session or 2 off before a meet.
    I probably won't be able to wake up early enough to lift anyway. Practice is so late at night on T/Th (8:30-9:30) and I would have to be up around 4:45 to get to lift then get to work on time...