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Pool-Mate 2nd Review

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Coached the Sharks on Monday SCY

I had to dig out a old workout from our folder at the pool.
I hate when I leave things lying on my desk at home!!

I swam this tuesday test out the Pool-Mate in a SCY pool.

Here is what I swam and how the watch worked.

300 Warmup
The watch claimed that I only swam 11 laps.
I think that is because I was warming up.
My 1st lap on warmup is only about 5 strokes after a few dolphin kicks.
So I can't blame the watch here. I tend to glide alot during warmup.
And the Manual says it won't work during drills.

Repeat 3x
1x75 25 Kick/50 Drill :15r
1x75 25 Drill/50 Swim :15r
No watch here.

Repeat 2x
200 Pull :15r
150 Pull :15r
100 Swim :30r

The watch was right on on laps.
The stroke count was a little off.
I've been counting strokes for years and out of habit I just do it.
I averaged 12 strokes a lap, the watch said 10
I also managed to get the efficiency to 25! (see my 1st review)
But I know this was due to the reduced stroke count.

4 x 100 1:30
4 x 50 :45
50 EZ

3 x 100 1:25
3 x 50 :50
50 EZ

2 x 100 1:20
2 x 50 :55
50 EZ

1 x 100 1:15
1 x 50
50 EZ

Watch worked just like the 1st set.
Close on the stroke count, right on on laps.

I still managed to keep the efficiency between
25-28 on all swims.

I missed starting it on a couple of swims because I try to start it
as I am underwater ready to push off.

The quick review is missing one thing...
Sure I can see Laps, Strokes, Efficency but thats not
what is really important at the end of a swim.
I can see the time's when I review the logs.
Maybe it's operator error. So I'll keep trying.

I just look at the manual again.
There is a chrono mode for recording time only.
I'll try that tomorrow.

You can see what time you swam in quick review.
You just have to quit the set you are recording to do this.
It still should display it during the set.
More after I swim tomorrow.

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