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Saturday morning technique workout

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I swam the early (6am) AGUA workout. Long course is heavenly, and worth getting up at dawn for. (And I love this time of year, when the sun rises not only before practice ends but before it even starts!) Here’s what I did:

800 lcm warmup

Chalk talk on FR breathing / head position and flip turns

300 FR swim focusing on those things

Demonstration of proper technique by teammates

100 extra-slow FR swim w/ good breathing technique that finally satisfied our coach

400 reverse IM done as 50 K / 50 S

1000 kick done as 400 flutter on back with fins / 300 side kicking w/ fins / 200 “gutbuster” kicking w/ fins (FL kick on back holding pull-buoy between legs) / 100 easy K w/out fins [I ended up doing about 700 of assorted barefoot kick in the slowest lane, since I didn’t have my own fins with me, and those at the pool give me stigmata. I practiced balancing at a 45 degree angle (ie halfway between on my back and on my side) while kicking—it’s easy towards the left, but difficult towards the right for me.]

12 x 100 @ :45ish rest:
1-4 50 FL / 50 BK
5-8 50 BK / 50 BR
9-10 50 BR / 50 FR
11-12 IM
[There were originally 16 of these, with 4 of each type of 50, but we ran out of time to do the whole set. We did a 50 easy after #s 4 and 8 to regroup. I got extra rest on this set because I had stayed in a slower lane after the kicking above, and enjoyed really pushing the pace on the IM pieces.]

200 warmdown

I was really happy today to see a former lanemate at workout—it had probably been a couple of years since I saw him last. He’s back for the summer, so it will be nice swimming with him again!

Tomorrow I might get in my first outdoor pool swimming of the season—Riverbank’s 25 yard outdoor pool is open, so now there’s a choice there in the mornings of doing indoor LCM in warmish water or outdoor scy in colder water. I often end up swimming in both pools during the course of a workout. If only I didn't have to choose, but could combine the sunshine, cold water temps, and minimal turning—but I guess that’s what OW is for!

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    What type of stigmata do the loaner fins give you?
    I don't like fins either. No specific reason just dislike.
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bobinator
    What type of stigmata do the loaner fins give you?
    Not the kind that will get me sainted anytime soon, I think.

    A depiction of St. Francis receiving the Stigmata attributed to [ame=""]Giotto di Bondone[/ame].

    Most fins, including the ones at the pool, rub large raw wounds on the tops of my feet that seem to take forever to heal. These fin-sores can be especially uncomfortable with sandal straps in the summer. The only fins I've found that I can wear comfortably are these Zura fins, which are made of some incredibly soft and light material:

    Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins

    I actually like wearing these--the speed they give is really fun! (Although I think that, like all fins, they are actually alien creatures that will suck all the oxygen from your body once they attach themselves to you, so any sets using them require a humongous rest interval).

    Happy 4th Bob! I've missed you!
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    Hi SA!!! I've missed you too! I'll start blogging on here again soon. I just needed a break I guess.
    I almost bought a pair of those Zura fins once. They look very cool and fun! I'm just afraid I will become addicted to fins and never want to swim without them. I feel like I work harder sans flippers!
    Have a wonderful 4th!