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swam the 200 fr today in a meet

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Sunday Jan 18th, 2009

SWAM In the meet today
Results and comments blogged at
short cut:

#18 Boys 200 Free 1:50.70

NEXT MEET: USA Swimming Austin Grand Prix in Austin TX
March 5 - 7, 2009
46 days away
Meet format: Short Course AM, Long Course PM
Time Standards are up

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  1. rtodd's Avatar
    You got a fast time. That's what is important. I saw a 1:42 out of a 14 yr old. That's pretty crazy.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    That was some great splitting! Looks like you a little left that last 50. Nice that you could get the legs up like that.

    Any movement can get you DQ'd. Mini-Fort has gotten DQ'd for twitching the back foot. But that is a bummer. That was a damn good time, and you don't swim the 200 free that much. Would've been nice if that time counted. But at least you know you're on track.

    Great job!
  3. pwb's Avatar

    That's a sweet time, especially in season. Is that a Masters' best? Really nice splitting, as well. Are you going to swim that tapered at the end of the season? All that mid-distance training is certainly paying off.

    Bummer about the DQ'ing, but it keeps us humble, right?

    Who am I kidding? It pisses us off ... channel the negative energy to good causes!