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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Woodland LCM

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by , July 10th, 2010 at 07:52 PM (1637 Views)
The full name is "Sierra Nevada Swimming Long Course Last Chance Qualifier July 9 - 11, 2010" That is, Last chance for J.O.'s.
It was my first ever LCM meet and although I had misgivings and doubts, I had a lot of support and adoration from the parents, even the kids were cool, especially when standing on the blocks, they turn to each other and nod or acknowledge. I was surprised when my competitors to my left and right after the 100m Back, each offered a handshake...So the experience was great, excellent sportsmanship and never felt so part of event before.
Masters meets in contrast tend to be cold and indifferent. But then, that's not to fair to the teams that work hard to put the Masters events on, I am usually alone with no team-mates to engage with.
The reason I joined USA swimming, besides getting my arm twisted by the coaches, is that the meets are very close to home, the average distant to a Masters meet in Northern California is about 120 miles, one way. Also my coach can now analysis my race and provide feedback. (Even the parents were giving feedback!)
So all this for just 2 events on the second day of a typical 3 day meet.
I don't have official times,
50M Free 31
100m Back 1:33
My goggles slipped off in the 50m FR, after the dive... they were about halfway off my face and making it hard to breath...All I could see was a blurry black line and only knew to touch when the black line stopped!
Coach said my first 50 of the 100m was "beautiful" but the wall on the start was really slippery and I ended up just letting go of the bar and pushing off, I also missed the turn, feet just touched the wall and I had to build up speed from nothing, which burned me out before I could finish. Got a lot of experience out of this race.
Being the only Master at this event was great, as Im sure most of the other Masters from other teams were at Santa Cruz for the Pacific LCM Championship...Wish I could have gone, but Santa Cruz is 3.5 hours away and its too expensive for this poor-boy !
Aquasol kids did great, but this was more of a normal meet, where it wasn't too important for them as they start taper next week for Junior Olympics

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    glad you had a nice time at your meet. I have to do local USA-S LCM meets because the one local Masters meet is at a crappy for competing. Also, doing all that driving can be annoying. Anyway to cut costs and hours on the road is the way to go!