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Swim Across America

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Swim Across America is tomorrow....HOLY COW! SWIM ACROSS AMERICA IS TOMORROW!

I'm NOT prepared for this at all! I'm supposed to be doing my first OW tomorrow, swimming a mile in Lake Michigan, and I haven't even thought about anything aside from the fact that I have to be there to help set up at 6 AM tomorrow.

I'm going to be jumping into this one like I tend to do the rest of my life - without a single extra thought. (Lets hope I jump IN the water, not too soon or I'll just be eating sand.)

So here's my schedule for tonight through tomorrow:
Leave work in about 20-30.
Get to Runner's Edge so I can try on wet suits so I know what size to rent tomorrow.
Go home, mow the lawn.
Shower, Lift at the gym (if I have time, legs tonight!)
6:00 PM Play two softball games
Go home, shower (again, I know)
Get to Milwaukee for a party I'm helping host (You should come! PM me if you're interested!)
11:30ish PM: Head down to home, pick up Greg from his mom's house (he's dog sitting) and go to his place in Chicago so I can sleep.
5:30 AM UP AND ATOM! Time to help set up for Chicago's very own Swim Across America!
7:00 AM Rent my wetsuit!
9:00 AM Swim
10:00 AM Call for help while swimming
6:00 PM Leave hospital.... Oh wait, scratch these last two.
10:00 AM-11:30 AM tear down, eat lunch and head home.

So you can see - things usually get interesting. I have this weird tendency to over-commit myself. I get it from my mom.

See you all (or not) tomorrow at S.A.A! Hopefully I won't be drowning!

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Good luck in your first OW swim!

    That's quite the night ... exhausting just reading it!
  2. ViveBene's Avatar
    Water is warm. I did 2 miles today, no wetsuit, and the first mile was considerably colder than the water you may expect to face tomorrow.
    The one-mile course I believe runs parallel to the seawall, then back. If they put the buoys close to the seawall, you can walk most of the distance.
    Why not go down to Ohio St. Beach tonight and get in the water and give it a whirl?
    I'll be doing a 3-miler, for free.
    Have fun!
  3. ViveBene's Avatar
    I'll take back what I said about temps. Wind shifted again. Someone just out there thought it was below 60.
    The first 5 minutes you can expect to feel cold, then life will improve.
    Anti-glare goggles!