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Wednesday LCM workout

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I went to the 5:30 AGUA workout this morning. Hereís what we did:

500 lcm warmup

6 x 50 FR (25 overkick, 25 dps) @ 1:00

6 x 50 ST (IM order twice thru, 25 fast, 25 easy) @ 1:10

1 x 300 pull
2 x 200 pull
3 x 100 pull

1 x 200 kick w/ fins flutter
2 x 100 kick w fins dolphin
4 x 50 kick w/o fins breaststroke

1 x 300 FL/FR/BK/FR/BR/FR
2 x 200 IM
3 x 100 choice

200 warmdown

Yesterday I went to the Y and did weights, and also got in a mini swim workout. Hereís what I did:

800 scy warmup

8 x 25 kick, odds very fast UDK, evens easy

16 x 25 swim, odds very fast IM order, evens easy

400 warmdown

I entered the Colonies Zones meetóI decided to swim just 6 events (50/100 BK, 50/100 BR, 50 FR, 200 IM). I had thought about adding the 4IM and maybe a 200 stroke as well, but Iím excited about having a more focused group of events to concentrate on during the next few weeks of training. Plus, with the first day starting at noon, Iím guessing I'll end up swimming 5 or even all 6 of my events within 24 hours, and will be glad I haven't committed myself to more.

Iím also looking at open water races in September and possibly on through the fall. Iíve always been bummed that LC season and OW season are at the same timeótheyíre my 2 favorite modes of swimming, and I always feel like Iím missing out on one by focusing on the other. This summer Iíve mainly done LC meetsóIíve only been out open water swimming once (although I do have a 2-mile race coming up this weekend). But once summer is over, Iíll be able to swim with the CIBBOWS group on weekends for as long as I want. They have a race at Coney Island on November 6th, and it would be really cool to swim that. So Iím toying with the idea of extending my open-water season through the fall as long as possible. Itís been a while since Iíve acclimated myself to cold water, but I know it can be done.

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