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7/29/2010 kick workout

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by , July 29th, 2010 at 10:08 PM (2038 Views)
First of all, my wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary today. I spent it at the pool while she was at the football field with our son. Will be taking her out over weekend to celebrate. I did P90X from 530-630pm which today was triceps, chest, shoulders. Then today was also a ab ripper day for p90x so another 15. My upper body was fried by the end. I got to pool at 715, stretched for a bit then got in at 730. During warmup I realized I could barley move my arms and wasnt going to push anything so decided to do a kicking workout.

500 whatever
10x50's@ 50 drill/swim

main set:
30x25's kick fins @ 30 broken down like this..
10 times thru
#1 underwater fly kick hands at side
#2 fly kick on back
#3 kick free on back rotating shoulders

300 pull just cruised

15x50's kick no fins broken down like this...
5 times thru
#1 @ 55 fly kick with superman arms
#2 @ 50 fly kick on back
#3 @ 45 streamline kick fly fast

300 pull just cruise

5x100's @ 1:45 kick with board, 50 board in tombstone position, 50 regular kick with board

300 warmdown

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