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Adventures in Swimming

I Need to Vent

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What a day.
It started with a good swim at least.

Great Day #1
Then a call from my buddy at the TV repair Shop
Well, It will be around $420 to possibly fix your TV.
I have a computer repair business so I know what Possibly means.
I paid $170 for it 2 years ago. and a new one is $499 now.
Looks like I buy a new one.

Great Day # 2
I'm being sued for a auto accident that was not my fault!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Day # 3
I get home from work and a HUGE tree had fallen on my house during a storm.

So what Did I do? I had a couple of drinks!
Played some guitar real loud while I watched
nationals on my computer.

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  1. thewookiee's Avatar
    On issue #2, let your insurance company handle it for you. That's what part of our yearly fees are for. If/when you get the paper work that details the suit, take it immediately to your insurance agent. They will handle it for you.

    Sorry to hear about day #3 as well. That sucks.
  2. Bo Martin's Avatar
    My insurance company called me. They are handling it. :-)
    It's just a hassle.

    Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago when someone
    did a left turn in front of me when I was going
    about 40mph. I had enough time to slam on the brakes and skid for about
    10 feet before t-boning their little car. I guess big Blue trucks are invisible.

    I love trucks!! My trusty old F-150 got a bent bumper and I totaled their car.
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    I think your response to your problems was very healthy!
  4. bzaks1424's Avatar
    I agree with Bobinator. After a day like that - a shot or two or 6 of tequila is just what you need.