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Aerobic short Axis Day

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by , January 21st, 2009 at 01:03 PM (629 Views)
11:00 AM to Noon at the Downtown (SCM)

300 free
100 im drill
100 back kick
7x50 fly/breast drill on 1:10
(Fly/Breast drill is 1 arm right fl, 1 arm left fl, 2 strokes br without breathing. So, breathing only on the 1 arm fly and trying to keep the same rhythm and undulation (or frequency and amplitude for those science and math people out there)).

4x75 fl/fr/fl on 1:40 - I did one arm fly for all of these and finished them all right around 1:25
4x100 fr on 1:45 - I finished the first one in 1:35 and the last one in 1:35. I didn't read the workout thoroughly enough, because after the first 100, I went straight into the next set. My lane mates corrected me and since I was leading the lane, we missed a 50 and got an extra 45 seconds of rest. They gave me a hard time to look good in front of the coach, but were secretly glad for the extra break.

4x75 br/fr/br on 1:45 - I finished these in 1:30.
4x100 fr on 1:50 - I went 1:38 for each.

4x50 fr on 1:10 with 3 strokes bk off of the push and the turn.

2450 m assigned, I only went 2400 - What a slacker!!!
Notes: I still feel like I have a slight pull in my groin. My coach has been working on me keeping my knees narrower and it feels like it isolates the groin muscles more! Does anyone else have this experience?

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  1. pwolf66's Avatar
    Bummed to hear that you're pulling up roots and leave the US of A. Definately need to get a drink on at Zones then.
  2. Iwannafly's Avatar
    It's only temporary. I'll be back before anyone misses me!