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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Pilot for Pug Power Project

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Baby girls and baby boys
ready for pick up in eight weeks.

--excerpt from a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ad for AKC-registered pug puppies




A couple quick additional notes to the above:

  1. I posted the following thread on the regular forums, but in case anybody missed it, I shall repost here. It is my request for master swimmers and their pugs pictures for an upcoming photo assemblage for which today's vlog is a teaser: For some peculiar reason, it seems that a lot of the nation's top masters swimmers are also pug owners.

    Ande Rasmussen, Kristina Ulveling, Heather Rietz, and--well, ah, me--are all owners of at least one and in some cases multiple pugs.

    I am hoping to do a little vlogumentary about the curious connection between swimming and affection for flat-nosed little dogs.

    If you are, or know, a swimming pug owner, would you consider sending me some photos (resolution 640 x 480 at least) showing you and your quadrapedic wards. Please include your name, your dog's or dogs' names, and any theories you may have about the link.

    The photos do not have to show pugs in the water, or wearing goggles, or decked out in a matching Speedo and Zoomers with its owners. But you can certainly send such pictures if you have them.

    Send to or post them on your FB and/or USMS photoalbums. Just let me know where I can find them, and I will do my best to make your pug famous!
  2. On an unrelated note, if you have not already seen these blogs, I highly recommend anyone who has considered weight training as an adjunctive performance booster for swimming to read Chris Stevenson's trenchant (is this a word?) and fair-balanced analysis at Ditto for Leslie The Fortress Livingston's equally trenchant (again, assuming this is a word) and fair-balanced (maybe a little less so than Chris's; after all, we hypochondriacs are subject to wishful thinking and placebo effects) comments, which I shall paste here: Here's you answer on the other issue, copied from my blog:

    I see you're trolling around for answers on this question. For me, they make a huge difference. I think the key factor in my improvement since Austin is weights. And I still don't do them frequently enough or with heavy enough weight. Much as I'm not fond of them, I will probably carry on with the endeavor through Indy. Ande calls weights "free speed". The ranked swimmers on my team (guys anyway) all lift. You should be lifting for general health and fitness anyway or you'll have the gradual erosion of muscle mass problem.

    Kick sets are likewise a a staple for me. I do them for two reasons: they save my shoulders and they are essential for sprinters. However, I think they're key for your fav 200 free as well. Most elite 200 freestylers, kids and masters that I see, have a constant 6 beat kick. I've seen some without it of course, but many of the best have it. I think ehoch commented on this in his "speed zone" thread. I think my ability to do a decent 200 back as a drop dead sprinter is due more to my kick work than my training in general.

    If you're looking to improve your swimming (and you've improved a lot in the last year with Bill's workout despite the buboes), these are the obvious two areas for you to work on.

  3. Summary: Weight lifting, kick sets, good for swimming. Pug ownership--quite possibly, even better. Again, please send in your pug photos!

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  1. mermaid's Avatar
    This blog has gone to the dogs!

    {what??!!! it was a softball}
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Right on Mermaid. Given my well known severe dog allergy, I will not be watching this or other pug vlogs!

    Jimby, Jimby, Jimby, B70s are no doubt performance enhancing, but so are weights. If you try both, maybe you will be plastered across all the freestyle events on the FINA list. Or, you could carry on with buboes and hypochondriasis.
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    I don't trust those who fail to love the pug inside us all, struggling to get out and find snacks.

    Mermaid and Fortress, truer words were never spoken: Trust your inner pug!