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Odd Kinesthesia

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"To taste a memory is far better than remembering a taste."

I've been PMing Tinjin about swimming. He made the frontpage of this website recently. He has a great story about how swimming saved his life and made him much healthier. It's a great read and if you know of someone who struggles with age slash diet slash inactivity related heath issues, please share!

Anyway, I read Tinjin's sig line (above), and it reminded me of a really strange and moving experience during the morning swim. I was doing an easy drill set and during the set, I had a really, really strong memory of eating a cheese burger with onions (and catsup). I could taste the burger and the flavors were amazingly lifelike. I know most of us daydream while we swim. Sometimes my mind wanders off or worse, I worry about work issues.

But this is the first time that some part of my mind has synthesized the flavor of any food.

I did the one hour swim this last weekend. I usually dread doing this swim because I have a tendency to watch the clock. Plus it is a very painful swim (for someone who loves 50/100/200 distances). During the swim it definately pays to ignore the clock. I decided to put on the xterra swim skin and it was a much more pleasant experience - and I was pleased with the distance covered.

Oddly, even going back to the old green drag suit, my 100 free repeats were significantly better after the one hour of swimming freestyle. I would have thought the opposite.

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