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Unremarkable taper workout

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This morning I went to the early AGUA workout. Coach Craig was back from his Worlds/Nats double, and at least one of my teammates who swam in Puerto Rico was back in the waterómaybe more of them will trickle in later this week to get in a workout or two before the pool shuts down next week. It was a nice, mellow workout. Hereís how it went:

600 lcm warmup

4 x 150 (25 kick / 50 drill / 75 swim) [I worked IM turns, did rest easy]

8 x 50 @ 1:10 (odds IM order, evens FL/BK, BK/BR, BR/FR, easy)

2-3 times thru:
300 FR @ 5:00
250 IM @ 5:00
200 ST @ 5:00
[During this set I actually did the following:
Stretching on deck during the first 300 FR
5 starts from the block with breakouts (I took advantage of the gaps in the lane for theseówith just 5 other swimmers in a lc lane and generous intervals, this worked out well)
1 x 50 FL @ 200 IM pace
2 x BK start from the wall (thereís unfortunately a 1-foot bulkhead between the starting blocks and the water, so dive starts over it are doable, but not backstroke starts)
2 x 12m fast udk
about 500m of easy swimming in between and after the above]

Then I got out early, and went to my gym and stretched thoroughly.

Sometimes during taper Iím torn between practicing with my team or practicing on my own, especially when, like now, Iím one of just a handful of people tapering for a particular meet. (There are 4 swimmers from AGUA signed up for zones, and I was the only one at workout this morning). Itís always a tradeoff between being on your own and doing exactly what you want to do, versus having to adapt sets at a workout but having the support and encouragement of teammates and a coach there. This morning I was really glad to have gone to the group workoutóI was able to get in some start work (something I canít do during lap swim times) and got some good feedback from our coach. I ended up easily getting in all the things I wanted to work on, and felt happy to be in the water with my lanemates even if I wasnít doing exactly the same thing as them. Plus, getting out early at a team practice just feels special!

Yesterday I tried on various suits in preparation for the meet this weekend. I havenít bought a current-generation technical suitóI donít have much of a hankering for one, in part because Iím just not sure which one to get, in part because I really just donít want to deal with a super-tight suit that I dread putting on and wearing at meets, and partly because I'm just not sure any advantage they'll give over regular suits will justify the cost. So Iíll probably go with one of the knee suits that Iíve owned for a while. The purple-and-pink Asics flowery suit is probably my favorite, but itís gotten a bit stretched out, especially in the top, and probably doesnít give much compression help anymore. I like the way my still-newish navy Tyr fusion suit fits and feels, but it seems very plain by comparison. I have also ordered a whimsically patterned Asian Tyr kneesuit, but thereís only an outside chance that it will get here in time for Zones, and in any case I expect it to be more of a fun suit than a fast one. So Iím still up in the air about which suit Iíll end up competing in.

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