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B3 is Hypoxic

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by , January 22nd, 2009 at 12:19 PM (868 Views)
SCY solo
Today's workout included some hypoxic swimming. Was supposed to be breathing every 5-7. Ha!! I'm doing good to make it through the set breathing every 3. So my goal was to breath on a 4/3/4 pattern.

1 x 300 choice, did half free and half back
4 x 50 drill did the usual ft drag, catchup, fist swim and 1-arm drills

Main Set
4 x 125 on 2:15 100FR+25(IMO)

6 x through
(1 x 100 on 1:30 + 1 x 50 on 1:00)

Swim 100's Hypoxic B - 4/3/4
Swim 50 FAST Breathe Whenever
I managed about 4 at my goal breath pattern then started sneaking a few extra breaths on each of the last two. Averaged about 1:23-:24 on the 100's, :35-:36 on the 50's

8 x 50 on 3:00 for each 2
Odds free AFAP from the blocks
Evens easy free
Went :28-:29 for the fast ones

Cool down
8 x 50 on 1:30 easy kick, drill, or swim

Total: 2,700 Yards

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  1. jaegermeister's Avatar
    Yeah, you're right, breathers are figging bad for us old farts. My son's team used to do 200 breathers, where the length you were on was your breathing interval. I think I did some 4's but that was the most I ever accomplished that I can remember.