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Triple, Thursday, Jan. 22

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Worked all morning, but had the afternoon clear until 4:30 -- a rarity. Took advantage and did a triple -- run, weights, swim.

First, went on a 5 mile trail run. I haven't been running since Dec. 25. Very unusual for me, but the cold weather has just turned me off. Today, it broke 40 and was sunny.

Drove to the Rec Center and lifted weights for 25-30 minutes. (see, Q, ). Intended to go swimming there, but forgot my swimsuit. Argh. Had to drive home to get it and go swimming in the hot gym pool instead. Ripped off and remixed a set that Chris did yesterday.

SCM, solo:

Warm up:

700 variety swim, kick, drill

10 x 25 UW fly spin drill w/MF

Main set:

4 x 100 IM @ 2:10, broken at the 50 for 10 seconds (used this to get the heart rate up)
4 x 50 back @ 1:10, @ 200 pace
(went 39ish)
100 EZ
2 x 200 dolphin kick @ 4:00 w/board & MF, break at 50 for 10 seconds
(went 32, 32, 33, 34 on both 200s. these hurt. had to do a 50 EZ after)
4 x 50 fly @ 1:10, @ 200 pace
(went 32s with fins)
100 EZ
4 x 100 back @ 2:10 w/ fins, broken at the 50 for 10 seconds
(went 35-36 for first 3 and 34-35 on last one)
(ran out of time for the last set of 4 x 50s)

200 C/D

Total: 3000 meters

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Updated February 10th, 2009 at 10:28 AM by The Fortress

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    I hope the shorter workouts are helping. It might entertain you to know that I always wonder if you are getting in more workouts in a day than I am getting in meals.

    Lucky for my ego, it is rare that I stop by Fort Blog and see that you have run 10 miles, stolen Chris' workout, grabbed a yoga class with the daughter and still had time to do the dreaded weights.

    On those days, I grab dessert before commenting.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I think the shorter weight sessions will help. Going back for some core and a few more weights tomorrow ...

    My daughters are going skiing with Mr. Fort this weekend. That leaves me FLAFF with only Fort Son to worry about. So I may be costing you some meals the next 4 days, or at the very least some snacks.

    It may entertain you to know that I am frequently very glad that the 200 free is not on my "to do" list.
  3. pwb's Avatar
    How the h*ll do you not run for nearly a month and then crack out a 5 mile trail run?? Damn, that's impressive.

    As to the triple day: sounds sweet and fun (running aside). It's a cool feeling when you can mix and match so many different workouts into a single day.

    Enjoy your workout weekend.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Patrick, I plan to! Hoping to cram a little culture in as well.

    I was a runner before I injured myself and morphed into a masters swimmer. When it's not frigid and I'm not in taper hell, I still try to run 2 x week if possible, sometimes more. Trails are SO much easier than treadmills.
  5. quicksilver's Avatar
    Inspirational as always.
    Good luck with the weight training. You'll feel really good after a short while.
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Val. I've been lifting since Austin and I still generally feel sore from weights. Perhaps it's because I'm often changing the weight or adding an exercise. I very tentatively did some lat pull downs and chest presses yesterday -- trying to do these at light weight despite shoulder paranoia. Can definitely feel it today.
  7. quicksilver's Avatar
    No wonder you've been improving so much.

    Sprinters can and do get strong with the big weights.
    But I know a very good coach who insists that sprinters stick to high reps with a comfortable weight.

    You may be less prone to injury that way. All it takes is one tweak, and ouch.
  8. The Fortress's Avatar
    I gave myself such a tweak in July or so last year when I was pulling a pretty heavy weight (for me). My shoulder was messed up for about 3 weeks after that. So I've been pretty much sticking to medium to light weight, with only a couple heavier exercises. I still feel significantly stronger though. I really have no interest in injuring myself in the weight room, that's for sure!
  9. qbrain's Avatar
    haha on the 200. I actually like the 200, but I wasn't joking about wanting to get out after the 50. It is a good pain, right?

    You injured yourself on lat pulldowns? I better check my form. That is something I have just always done... so I really have no idea if I am risking my shoulders.

    I totally changed my form on presses a year or two ago after injuring my shoulder. I am much more confident in my lifts now.
  10. The Fortress's Avatar
    Actually, Q, I'm not precisely sure what gave it the tweak. I think it came on the heels of doing a lat pull down and a heavy weight on the iso-lateral row. I'm very leary of lat pull downs because they involve overhead weight though.

    200 free takes a true stud. My hat is off to you. Since I'm not a freestyler, I pretty much stick to the 50 free. I have a straight arm power stroke that is NOT conducive to the 200!
  11. qbrain's Avatar
    200 free takes a true stud.
    I have noticed, and I hope to one day get there