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9/10 Brown bag workout

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Warm up
- 300 swim
- 200 kick
- 4x50 drill swim
- 400 pull
- 100 free/non-free by 25
Main Set
- 3x200 on 2:40 descend 1-3 (fail, didn't descend)
- 4x100 on 1:20 (2s rest avg)
- 2x200 on 2:40 hold 2:20 (fail, only had 2s rest)
- 4x100 on 1:20 (couldn't even make the interval)
- 1x200 on 2:40 goal 2:05 (2:15)
Cool down
- 200 ez

Brown bag: When you want to hide something that causes embarrassment, you put it in a brown bag.

Hawaii was an enjoyable trip, but apparently trips to Asia make me faster and trips to Hawaii make me slower.

My stroke never really felt connected today, and that is typical when I have been out of the water for a while. A week makes more difference than I would have thought. I did much more hiking in HI than swimming.

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  1. aquageek's Avatar
    That main set is really solid. I don't know if I could do a 2:05 at the end right now, or ever, after all that 1:20. Maybe taking an extra 1:30 before the 200 or an even 2:00 could help.

    Brown bag - I like that term. I'm gonna adopt that.