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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Nausea vs. Hope

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Very short vlog today, with only a tiny bit of swimming relevance.

As perhaps the most sickly human being in Christendom, I find myself having to tighten my esophageal sphyncter by pure force of will to keep today's foodstuffs--one (1) cold leftover grilled pork chop; the remainder of a carton of cottage cheese; a frozen and semi-thawed Gatorade, red color; and a packet of GU--from making their egress from my stomach in the wrong direction.

Will this keep me from going to swimming practice?

No, one thousand million times no!

I am made of sterner, albeit more nauseated, stuff.

To bolster my resolve, I will take comfort from the new wind blowing across the fruited plains, which promise to minimize the ruination to come and help us overcome the ruination we have already been subjected too.

I say, put the scalawags into the debtor's prisons, and let us debtors get to spend our incarcerations in the country club prisons where the CEOs used to go.

Criss cross, guy! Criss cross!

With any luck at all, I will be put into a California prison with a swimming pool, where I can represent the prison league in masters competitions with other incacerated but well-meaning debtors nationwide!

On this note, my twin brother's latest filmic homage to our times: a real charmer featuring young Cameron, the same little vunderkind who appeared in the classic "Sunk" video posted a while ago.



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  1. RustyScupperton's Avatar
    That Merrill Lynch bastard should have every cent he ever got taken away and given to the US taxpayers!
    Nationalize the banks! Nationalize everything but Masters Swimming. That alone is well regulated, by Mayor Inhaler!
    Long live the Mayor of Swimming!
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    I am sorry Mr. Vlog sir, but I lack the convolutions in the cranial container to comprehend your conundrum.

    I do conclude that you will be very popular on the prison swim team.
  3. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    You convey the hope of all parents--that some nugget of wisdom has gotten in their seemingly impenetrable skull--i.e. how we should conduct our lives and how we should treat one another. Alas, the reality sets in that all they really want is to watch Bugs Bunny.