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Woes of Aquasol 9/16/2010

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by , September 17th, 2010 at 03:53 PM (2319 Views)
Morning 5:40-6:10am
Warm 200FR, 200K (fr/br), 200IM drill, 200P
10x50 K w/ fins
Water was very warm, I did not feel like doing something serious with hot water conditions.
50 cool

(Practice was from 5:30-7:00pm)

Warm 50
4x50 BR (25 drill/ 25swim)
5x50 BK (25 drill/25 swim)
5x100 P on 1:30 (1:15, 1:12best)
10x50 Fly K on 1:00 (5 on side, 5 on back)
8x50 Pace on 1:00 (did :39, then held :33 with a :34 here and there)
100 cool
This week was full of set-backs, On Monday the heater turned off over the weekend due to a power outage, and on Tuesday morning there wasn't a practice, then area High schools have started there water polo meets and kicked us out on Wednesday, anyways the Seniors and level 3 got to practice but the Masters were told to come in in the mornings.
Since the water polo team from another high school uses our pool, and breaks lane lines, leaves a mess on the desk, their coach is a rotten egg etc... it squeezes the groups together, so our Masters ends up with 6 to 7 in a lane of all abilities. I usually sit out practice until the noodlers leave at 6:30pm and 3 lanes are free'd up, then most of the fitness/rec swimmers leave so it makes it easier to hit the intervals.
Since things have been so messed up at Aquasol, Ive been thinking of going to mornings at Folsom. I won't get much coaching except to make sure I don't drown and there will be workouts on a board with a lot of fast swimmers to make me look even slower, but it just a thought. Its tough getting in a good workout regularly enough to increase my VO2 max and conditioning and strength. Seems if I miss a few days it can be detrimental to an already sucky ability.
Ive got a meet in one week and I really needed to hit it hard this week, so I could have the week prior to the meet to do a slight taper. I found out later that Wednesday night, "the NO Masters allowed after the water polo meet night", that the pool was nearly empty.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    What is it with Water Polo and the power trip? At Villanova, the Water Polo Masters gave better treatment than Masters and we lose water time to the college water polo team. But, of course, Masters could never get a 5:30 AM start time or maybe Friday night workout to commensate for our troubles. God forbid! Hello, does the Water Polo Masters have National Ranked Players or Nat Champions? I don't think so. Luckily, I have other options like a age group program nearby. That is too bad about the problems you are having. Darn Water Polo and noodlers.
  2. EricOrca's Avatar
    That is too bad about the problems you are having. Darn Water Polo and noodlers.
    Thanks for the support Tom. Life was good before the prima donna water polo peeps invaded and like in any invasion, there is rationing, hardships and sacrifice.