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woodstock film festival

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by , October 6th, 2008 at 07:57 PM (859 Views)
clare and i spent the last 4 days attending as many screenings as we could in between my swimming schedule. the films we saw were: pride and glory directed by gavin o'connor at the tinker st theater in woodstock. explicit ills directed by mark weber; gospel hill directed by giancarlo esposito; the great buck howard directed by sean mc ginly were all shown at the rosendale theater (you guessed rosendale). the rosendale theater is a family owned single screen theater with wooden floors and a (non film festival) 6 dollar admission. they avoid the big hollywood blockbusters and instead focus on indy, foreign and documentary films. we are loyal supporters of this venue and attend at least two films per month often without even knowing whats playing.

chow time....more later.

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