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Rest, Monday, Jan. 26

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by , January 26th, 2009 at 07:54 PM (1283 Views)
Since I'd worked out 9 days in a row, decided to take a rest day. Upper back muscles feel pretty sore, probably from all the weights.

I did go to my chiro today for a neck/shoulder work over. Sleeping on my stomach is what's probably causing the neck issues. Wish I could sleep on my back ...

Otherwise, I had a great day. Going to watch House, ice and attempt to go to sleep before 1:00 am.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    We should do a survey about swimmers and their sleeping position. I, too, can't sleep on my back. I think it's all the freestyle distance sets in my youth ...

    Enjoy the night ... take some Nyquil about 45 minutes before you want to go to sleep and you'll be happily in la la land.
  2. SwimStud's Avatar
    Maybe you and Patrick don't train hard enough? Add some 6 x 200 BR sets to your workouts. You'll sleep!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Really think nyquil will do the trick, Patrick? lol. Perhaps sometimes.

    Rich, exercise has no relationship to one's, or at least my, ability to fall asleep. Sensory deprivation helps.

    If the freestyle sets from my youth not only wrecked my shoulder but also prevent me from sleeping on my back, I'm really pissed!
    Updated January 27th, 2009 at 12:18 PM by The Fortress
  4. ande's Avatar
    I'm a side sleeper, sometimes back, never belly
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Side sleeping is the best, Ande. I can manage that sometimes.

    I'm really sleeping like a teenager at the moment. Have to get myself back on a normal schedule.