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Keepin Track 2010

Outdoors still! in WI

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by , October 10th, 2010 at 07:38 PM (1620 Views)
A beautiful morning in WI. 80 degrees expected for today. Though I would try for a few more outdoor workouts.

700 WU (last 200 kick)

4x (250 Pull FR, 4x25 execution style)

250 = mod to easy concentrate on keeping low heart rate and maintaining good form

4x25 2 sets FR 2 sets BR work on component of stroke well and build to fast holding that component.

easy 100

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  1. evilwatersprite's Avatar
    Pray tell, what is execution style?
  2. freestyle94's Avatar
    Hi...execution style sounds funny doesn't it? It means swum how you would execute your stroke in a race...perfect!