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last lake day?

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by , October 6th, 2008 at 11:06 PM (1449 Views)
terry and i met at the parking lot at 4:30.
air temp in the low 50's.
got to the lake at 5:00.

we decided to swim for 30 minutes (15 out and 15 back). the water temp is now at 56 - 57 degrees and with freezing temperatures in the forcast tonight, will continue to drop a degree or two per day.

i walked in up to my thighs and dove in. terry was already swimming and it took me a couple of minutes to catch up and find my pace.

we agreed to swim down the middle to avoid the shadow on the western side of the lake. the sun however was weak and didn't offer much comfort.

at 15 minutes, we were close enough to "the point" that we decided to continue on and reached it at aprox 19 minutes. i felt good and except for a few toes, felt no chill.

some clouds rolled in and so there was no sun i swam to the west end and along the shore. there is a white rock cliff wall that signals we are about three hundred yards to the rock slab where our bikes were laying. i'm not sure wheather it was the anticipation of exit into cold air or if i had just been blocking it out of my mind, but i suddenly felt chilled.

we changed and rode out. my hands and feet still cold when i got into my car. we agreed to play the week by ear. a warm sunny day will certainly invite another swim or two.

i'm ready for the SF bay..... bring it on!

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    All that effort, sleep loss and frostbite for 30 minutes of swimming?!
  2. chaos's Avatar
    i have been known to drive 7 hours each way to swim less than 3000 yards over an entire weekend! (but you guys do have a hot tub)
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    I just drove 9 hours to swim 200 yards in one day. No hot tub either. Just

    Coming to zones this year?
  4. chaos's Avatar
    i hope to attend zones this year. a bunch of my team mates went to new england champs instead last year. i'd like to do both.