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Cold water

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I haven't posted in several months but it's not because I've stopped swimming. It's been on the back of my mind but pretty low priority.

I went to 2010 LCM Nats in Puerto Rico and had a great time. The pool was fast, deep and beautiful. If you didn't get to go, well, hopefully they will have another meet. It was worth the dime! Also went to a bioluminescent bay in Vieques that was beyond words. Check out the photos ( I thought they were fake but - well, you have to experience it yourself. It was so, so, so, very cool.

Cold water: so NMSU converted back to short course yards about a month ago. I'm an early bird (fewer people, clean locker room, showers, etc) but it is cold and dark. This morning, one of the lifeguards told me that the temperature of the water had dropped to 79f. Now normally, I'm pretty hardy about cold air, cold water and cold shoulders but this morning, I couldn't bring myself to jump in. I stood on the deck for minutes thinking that I could just go take a warm shower and go to work.

I finally screwed up my resolve, tied my suit and jumped in. And it was not that cold!!!

My workout main set was 4 x 400 (IM, backstroke) with an emphasis on feeling the water and keeping my core straight.

See you in the water! (Cold or not).

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  1. coach's pet 1's Avatar
    Our local pool is always very warm in the summer due to swim lessons. 79 would be very doable. Great job at Nationals. Hope to catch up with you at a meet this year.