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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Hot and Cold Water

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Where were you when you almost froze to death?
  2. SaltySwimmer's Avatar
    I like the background music-- what group is this?
  3. Iwannafly's Avatar
    The Melodians! Shazam is the coolest application I have found yet for my iPhone!!!
  4. jim thornton's Avatar
    This song was "By the Rivers of Babylon" by the great Jimmy Cliff on the album "The Harder They Come." Not sure what The Melodians is/are, and alas, I don't have an iPhone.
  5. Iwannafly's Avatar
    See, now the iPhone told me that this was by The Melodians, but I've since listened to their cover, and I've got to say, it is nowhere near as good!!! I just purchased the Jimmy Cliff version! 'Tis much better.
  6. jim thornton's Avatar
    That's a great album, by the way--The Harder They Come, also title of a movie starring Jimmy Cliff. The Jamaican accent is so heavy that they had to use subtitles.
  7. quicksilver's Avatar
    Your pupil has a computer monitor in it.

    You should have that checked out.
  8. Iwannafly's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by quicksilver
    Your pupil has a computer monitor in it.

    You should have that checked out.
    I agree, that's probably worse than the buboes! Probably the sign of age-induced artificial intelligence!!!
  9. jim thornton's Avatar
    Thanks, fellas. I have an appointment lined up at Johns Hopkins for Monday, with a second opinion arranged for Monday afternoon at Mayo. I am pretty sure we're looking at an eyectomy. If so, I have reserved a surgical suite in Tijuana Eye Gouging Clinic, which is all my insurance will pay for.
  10. RustyScupperton's Avatar
    As always, Jim delivers! Go Inhaler!