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Freezing Cold in New Mexico

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Two weeks ago, it was in the 50's at 6am on the pool deck. Relatively comfortable with a hat and coat doing my usual ballistic stretching on-deck. Almost felt like spring!

Wrong about the spring weather! This week, it has been in the 30's and windy. Steam rises off the pool and swirls in mini-vortexes. It's a great visual effect - if you like non-linearities. Unfortunately, even with the pool covers, the water temperature has dropped significantly. It's cold on deck and you can see your breathe on every exhale. The cold penetrates my jacket and hat - but my legs (which are uncovered) feel like Jack Frost is pricking them with sharp little needles.

Taking off the jacket and cap is an act of madness, but I gotta swim - otherwise, the rest of the day feels out of balance. I'll guess that you feel the same way.

Jumping in the water (I can't do the one part of the body slowly immersing thing), takes your breath away. It's cold! Even my usual reverse 500 IM warmup doesn't do the trick. The first sets are still in the warmup phase and it's hard to breathe - to take in enough O2 so that you can pick up the pace a bit. So I weenie out and back off. I have to admit to changing the planned sets to something a little longer with less rest and much lower intensity.

After a period, breathing become less painful and it's really cool to take a break and put your googles at the intersection of the water and air. You can see the dark blueness of the pool and the swirling tornados of steam rising into the darkness.

And I got my entries in mail for the Canadian Masters SCM nationals this week. I'm 55 in FINA years and hope to get some good swims on the table. I'm going to pass on Clovis because I'm 54 for USMS SCY meets. I know that there are some swimmers who excel at the upper end of their age group and my hat is off to them - but I can't hang with the young dogs (are you listening Scott Shake??). Masters swim racing really does make you look forward to growing older.

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