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Tue Nov 30th, 2010

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Tue Nov 30th, 2010

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Next meet is 4 days away:
Masters of South Central Regional SCM Championships
Sat Dec 4th & Sun 5th
San Antonio, TX
ENTERED more events than I plan to swim
just wanted to give myself some choices:
02 400 IM
06 50 bk
14 50 fr
16 100 bk
18 100 IM
30 400 fr probably going for a split time
34 50 br
40 200 IM
42 50 fl

just renewed my USMS membership for 2011
Don't have a masters team?
Register with Longhorn Masters


When I walked into practice Longhorn Aquatics Coach, Doug Rusk had the team doing a timed 15 M SDK set, 25 repeats on an easy interval, odds easy evens fast for time
he asked me what my 15 M SDK times were to bench mark against his kids so I said let me warm up and lets find out. (details below)

whitney coached
UT Swim Center, Diving well, NO BLOCK
6:30 - 8:30 dove in 6:33ish
trained with Mike
beside Todd, Jim, & Bess
WORE yingfa jammer

250 ish

15 M SDK fast for time
from a flip turn start
went 7.4

200 ish easy

15 M SDK fast for time
from a push off start
went 7.0

200 ish easy

25 y SDK fast
getting 15 M & 25 y times
from a roll start off blocks
went 5.1, 10.1

200 ish easy

50 SDK fast for time
getting splits at
15, 25, 35 & 50
5.4, 11.4,
18.9 (7.5), 23.9 (12.5)


ROLL start off side
went 48.4

200 ish easy

100 bk fast
roll start off blocks
used easy speed
went 54.0

100 easy

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  1. Karl_S's Avatar
    Ande - What does the term "roll start" mean?
    Nice practice 100 back btw! 54 in practice. That's quick.
  2. ande's Avatar
    Hey Karl,
    a roll start is where you dive off the side from a roll
    meaning the timer starts the watch when the swimmers feet leave the side or block