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Gentle LCM morning swim

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This morning I swam solo at Riverbank. I’ve gotten accustomed to having regular workout partners up there, so I felt a little lonely without them today, and ended up swimming with a little less intensity than usual, although I got in some good work on the 200s set. I did have my own lcm lane for the first hour of the workout (it was raining and attendance was on the low side). Here’s what I did:

1000 lcm warmup

8 x 150 @ :30 rest, odds K/D/S IM order, evens FR / ST / FR, IM order, working ST
4 x 200 @ 3:20, pacman FR > IM set

300 FR pull with drills
300 FR experimenting with kick cadence
2 x 100 FR incorporating 6-beat kick and faster arm turnover @ 2:00 [These were both faster and more tiring than I was hoping—I went 1:20 on them both without feeling like I was pushing, but was winded after.]

200 IM kick
600 play + warmdown

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