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Wed., Dec. 1

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by , December 1st, 2010 at 09:22 PM (1195 Views)

Warm up:

600 various

Main Sets:

4 x (4 x 50)
4 single arm fly @ 1:00
4 backstroke @ 1:00
4 breaststroke @ 1:15
4 free @ 1:00

5 x 100 backstroke kick, no fins, shooters on the 1st and 3rd 25 @ 2:00

50 EZ

3 x 50
backstroke start & fast kick to 15 meters, then cruise

50 EZ

3 x (25 free + 50 EZ)

25 EZ

2 x (fast 50 breast + 100 EZ)

50 EZ

Total: 2750


Took Mini to the gym since, as a sophomore, she's not allowed to do weights with her high school team b/c she "is still growing." Hmm ... she's been the same height since 6th grade. Just as I have been until yoga grew me an inch. Anyway, I did 40 minutes of stretching while she pumped iron. And I'm feeling quite virtuous about it.



Felt sluggish as expected. Plan to shift into high taper mode tomorrow with a short slow recovery swim and a meet warm up on Friday. After the Last Minute Meet on Saturday, I'll just do a recovery swim on Sunday and then a meet warm up type swim the rest of the week until I leave on Friday.

I received an email from the primary contact at GBM confirming that the correction to my name had been made (despite the fact that the athlete entry list has not been updated). Whew. Still seems odd that there was no meet director listed on the meet info. You would think that would be a requirement.

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  1. mj_mcgrath's Avatar
    "The Benefits of Weight Training for Kids" see:

    Maybe the HS is a little behind the curve on this. Mike
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Or maybe they're worried about liability ... That myth seems to be going strong. Mini is my size, so I'm not too worried.
  3. poolraat's Avatar
    I am totally against high school weight training. Not because the kids aren't able to handle it but because so many coaches or PE teachers haven't a clue about what they're doing and the kids get injured. We've seen it time and time again here and after my oldest daughter got injured and was out of sports for a season because of it would not let the younger ones participate is the weight training program at the high school. My son does his weight training at the gym under the supervision of a trainer.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    I'm sure you're right much of the time! Ali is actually on a plan that I devised for her, so hopefully I won't injure my own daughter. Fort Son and his crew buddies lift with the football coach. From what I can glean, they're very focused on technique.