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gale force winds and the cobia cage

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by , February 1st, 2009 at 09:50 AM (801 Views)
its windy here in eleuthera! white caps everywhere and poor visibility on saturday. i went for a morning swim with terry, justin, willie and clare in the triangle cut looking for the anchors to tie the buoys to. this will probably serve as our measured course for the next week. outside the cut was like a washing machine; very cloudy and even the 4 ft black nurse shark faded from site in less than 20 feet.
terry and willie joined me for a 2 hour afternoon swim from the island school to the marina (via the open water "endless pool" current cut) the water was really moving and we had to exit on the way back to walk around an impossible whirlpool.

most of the campers have arrived... the rest will be here this afternoon. clare, willie and i are going to accompany the feeding boat to the off shore cobia cage. the cage is submerged 40 feet and extends down to 90 feet. it houses 4500 cobia that require feeding twice daily by scuba divers from the cape eleuthera institute. we've been told the area teems with sea life and is frequented by a trio of bull sharks... including a 10 foot pregnant one (i know... pregnant bull shark sounds like an oxymoron). as i must adhere to a "no diving" medical restriction for the next 6 months, i will be splashing around on the surface while the feeding frenzy goes on 40 feet below.

camp orientation will be this afternoon>

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