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Monday Monday, some times it just turns out that way!

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by , February 2nd, 2009 at 09:35 PM (660 Views)
After a snow day and three 2 hour delays last week school today seemed long; the natives however were cooperative and a true pleasure in all my classes!
I swam at LA Fitness today. It was more crowded than normal. My lane mate was jogging in the water with funny little pink slip-on shoes, a cap with 3-D sea horses, and trying to keep her face dry. She asked if I could keep my splashes down. I did my best to accomodate her wishes.
My workout focus today was technique in freestyle. I have been working once a month with a friend of mine who coaches an age-group team. She is helping me create more roll in my stroke and making me more aware of evf entry. I'm not sure how my freestyle got so bad but the important thing is I can feel it getting better by leaps and bounds!
Okay, here is my sorry little workout for today:

A) 1,000 swim warm-up-swim straight-pick pace up a little each 200. Finish tired.
B) 5 X 100 Free on 2:00 Bi-lateral breathe, try to delay catch phase.
C) 10 X 25 Free with evf paddles trying to ingrain muscle memory (these things suck; I feel like I am swimming with stumps)
D) 5 X 100 Free on 1:45 Don't pull till hands are in line with the dots on my elbows. (I'll call this the dot drill from now on)
E) 10 X 25 Free with the stump paddles. Keep arms in the track!
F) 10 X 50 Freestyle on 55. Do at least 1 dolphin on turn and be sure to be past flags.
G) 200 IM Pyramid Down maintaining fly.
200 IM; 150 fl, ba, br; 100 fl, ba; 50 fl
Easy 100 IM and hit the showers!
3,600 yards
1 hour Pilates Class-This felt better than I thought it would.

Home to left-over chili!
Monday Monday is a wrap!

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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    Bobinator, it sounds like your stroke did not deteriorate at all, but rather that the coaching community at large has re-thought how freestyle should be swum since your heydey. Thus you are probably swimming with last year's impeccable form; alas, this is no longer today's fashion. Your lapels look absurd!

    But do they?

    I remember when Total Immersion became such a cultish kind of thing. Though today's refinements seem to work great for Grant Hackett and his ilk, I am not convinced that every body can get the same benefit from the various trendy tweaks.

    Anyhow, I, too, am working on a bit of stroke reinvention. I guess all I am attempting to say here is A) good luck, and B) don't go overboard, and C) be willing to keep the tweaks that help, and jettison guiltlessly those that don't.