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Adventures in Swimming

We Got a new COACH!!!!

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Coach Chris returns after being gone for
a couple of years.
I can actually swim with the team now.
I've been swimming on my own and it's just no fun.
Plus it takes up an extra 2 hours of my day.

I'll still be putting workouts up but I'm going
to make it easier on me.
Here is a link to a web page I made that has 108
workouts I've done over the past year or so.
Some may be repeats but oh well that happens.

Bo's Favorite Workouts
If something doesn't work let me know. I didn't test everyone.

I swam 3500 SCY on New Years Day.
What a great way to start the year.

Now I'll have more time to post and keep track
of things.

My goal for this year is to:
Swim at least 3 days a week
Loose the extra 15 or 20lbs I've acquired over the past couple of years.
Do a couple of meets
Go to either Short Course or Long Course Nationals


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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Great new about your coach--enjoy your swims with the team!