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Fat Man back in the Pool

Fat man back in the Water 9/8/08

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by , October 8th, 2008 at 01:56 PM (726 Views)
Missed Thursday (younger brother broke his heel and I ended up minding his 3 kids). Saturday - 8 hours of post Hurricane Ike debris clearing at Scout Camp.

10/6/08 - COM Pool - Midland TX SCY
quick trip into town - left my fins at home

400 Swim
2 x 100 drill
4 x 100 free dps
4 x 50 fly/bk
4 x 50 bk/br
4 x 50 br/fr
4 x 50 BR fast
100 easy

Note to self, travel with zoomers and ice pack.

10/07/08 New Territory Pool SCY
stretch cord work out in AM.

400 Warm up
12 x 50 Free descend 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 on 1:00
3 x 100 Free constant fast on 3:00
100 easy
Repeat set 3 x

worked with zoomers then fins. Cut 1 x 50 on 2nd set and 2 x 50s on 3rd. Needed a little more recovery time after hammering the every fourth all out.

My shoulder was sore from the no-fins Monday and schlepping gear through the airports. I iced the shoulder before workout and afterwards.

This AM was PT, next to last session with therapist before review with the Dr. Strength is up and flexibility has improved. Still getting shoulder muscles knotted up but not as bad.

Will have to look for another sports massage option when the prescription runs out.

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