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Adventures in Swimming

Over Slept Saturday

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Practice was at 7am, I have the Keys!
I set my alarm when I went to bed at 11.


I wake up at 7:30
I haven't not just woke up at around 5am
for a long time.

Sometime during the week I changed my alarm
settings to M-f and no weekend.

Luckily Jim saw someone at the school, went and convinced him
to let them in.

I made it to the pool at 7:55 (20 min drive)
We were able to use the pool late since the High School team was away at a swim meet.

Here's what I swam

6 x 75 IM Rotate fly/back/brst ~ back/breast/free etc.... :10r

6 x 50 Kick on :60 Still Warming UP
6 x 25 Choice on :30

400 Build from Pace to HARD by 100
4 x 100 on 1:25
4 x 50 Kick (2 moderate, 1 EZ, 1 Sprint)
4 x 25 IM order

200 Warm Down

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