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Adventures in Swimming

Personal Best Day

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Swam with the Sharks SCY
Coach Chris on Deck

Few min's dryland stretch
150 @ 75%
2 Min's stretch
400 Swim

Repeat the Following 4 x

150 Free swam as 50 Long/50 Strong/50 Build :30r
4 x 50 Breast HARD on :60
No extra rest keep it going
I swam back, My knees can't take breast.

100 Ez

12 x 50 Kick we did them on 1:10
(I could have done these faster but the rest of the lane needed rest.)
I descended these by 2's my goal was to drop 1 second each set of 2...
Well I started on :50 and worked my way down from there.
On # 11 I did a :45
On # 12 I gave it everything I had left and I had my personal best of :40
Now I need to break that .
I wish I could wear fin's again. The last time I wore fin's
I messed up my knee so that's not gonna happen again.

Last set...
100 ez :05 r(Just to get on a even cycle)
100 HARD!!!!!! Get your time
100 EZ Warm Down (Or more)

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